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Ensure that your underground pipework never gets blocked by using our simply designed, yet highly efficient, and effective, GRC headwalls.
Our headwall range includes pipe drain inlets that are compatible with a variety of pipe sizes, ranging from a 100mm pipe up to headwalls that can accommodate a 900mm pipe size.
For more information about our headwalls and other land drainage products please see the downloadable PDF data sheets below, or call our sales team on 01948 665321.
For pricing information, or to obtain a quote, please also call 01948 665321 or email your query to sales@bcmgrc.com.
Headwall Data Sheets

Inspection Chambers

Our inspection chambers are also available with a compatible lid. Please see the PDF data sheets below or call 01948 665321 for more details.

Large Inspection chamber B116117B

Large Inspection chamber lid B116117L

Round Inspection chamber B114B

Round Inspection chamber B114L